& Power.

Market forces, new renewable energy sources, and the emergence of Digital 2.0 technologies are disrupting the Energy and Utilities landscape. IoT sensors ease the inspection of lines and facilities. Smart Grid Meters provide real-time data for energy and utility distributors and consumers.

Our Role in Enriching the Electric Industry.

The Electric Industry is at the cusp of a huge transformation. Residential Customers have started using power more than the previous years with the advent of different gadgets, work from home, home appliances and the launch of the electric vehicles. In addition, Customers today want to get off the grid and be energy independent too.

Amongst all this, running cost efficient operations, providing transparency to customers, decarbonization and improving customer experience is high on the agenda of COO’s of the Electric Providers. Field Service Management plays an important role in maintaining assets, proactively restoring power and Fielda, our field service management solution, aims to assist Electric Utilities maintain assets, reduce operating expenses, eliminate paper based processes, improve employee satisfaction and provide a better service to end customers.

Case Study.


Electric Distribution Coop

57,000 customers served

7,000 miles of lines

14 counties in Western KY

Pain Points.

  • Missing inspection forms
  • Damaged forms
  • File space
  • Time management
  • PSC Audits
  • Managing aftermath of accidents

Customer Requirements.

  • Bring efficiency gains in field operations
    • - Elimination of paperwork
    • - QA & QC of field processes & data
  • Meet KY PSC inspection requirements
    • - Date/time/location stamp for inspections
  • Looking for a tool that was:
    • - Simple, Fast, Mobile and Require minimal training

Fielda Solutions.

  • Offline asset map viewer
  • Line inspections
  • Battery exchanges
  • Reduction in miles driven
  • Line inspections now have:
    • - Date & time stamp
    • - Location stamp
    • - Realtime reports
  • Storm damage assessment readiness



Improved Quality of Service


Improvement in Productivity


Annual Reduction in Costs


Return on Investment

What our customers say about Fielda.

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