An electric outage report is primarily used by Public Utility Commissions and electric utility companies to report an electric outage. In addition, the report is used as the basis for information updates to relevant stakeholders and for necessary action plans. On this page, we will review some of the critical elements of an electric outage report: 

  • What does a typical electric outage report cover?
  • Why are these reports vital for utility companies and public utility commissions?
  • How can Fielda improve the ease and efficiency of using these reports?

What Electric Outage Reports Include: When an inspection is conducted in a location that has reported a power outage, the Field Inspector gathers details about the cause. This could vary from natural disasters like hurricanes to damaged infrastructure. Typically, this report records the number of end-users impacted and the various disruptions to service that have resulted from the outage. Once the impact size has been determined, inspectors also include the estimated time for power restoration and add a list of the team members working to restore power. 

Why are Electric Outage Reports so critical: Electric outages are either planned for maintenance/repair work or unplanned and treated as an incident for rapid remediation. The electric outage report is the official document of the nature of the event, the causes, and the action plan put in place to resolve the issue. It acts as an official record for utility companies and public utility commissions not only for the incident on hand but for archiving and trend analysis. In addition, the report becomes the basis for reviewing the outcome of the remedial measures and documenting the details of the resolution.  

Benefits of Fielda’s Electric Outage Reports: Electric outage reports do not have a fixed format and may include different data points based on the stipulations of each company or commission. Fielda offers completely customizable electric outage reports which can be digitally recorded in just a few clicks. This makes it easy to accommodate data like event ranking, action plan, and details of staff assigned to address the issue. Data can be instantly consolidated and analyzed for insights through comprehensive metrics and dashboards. With a customizable workflow, operations teams can decide how to share reports with relevant stakeholders from the outage incident to issue resolution and after.  

Enhance Data Gathering: Master data gathering and information sharing of planned or unscheduled electric outages

Consolidate and Collaborate: Use silo data for seamless collaboration across management and field teams

Master Metrics: Gain insights by consolidating electric outage reports in real-time for informed planning and remediation measures


About Fielda: Fielda helps companies manage and maintain their assets and gain real-time oversight of all tasks, workflows, and projects to improve operational efficiency, enhance team productivity and impact the bottom line. Whether it’s installations, inspections, repairs, replacement of parts, servicing and maintenance, or routine audits, with Fielda’s mobile data collection, GIS-enabled technology, automated and custom workflows, and analytics, you can eliminate errors, enhance response time, ease workflow bottlenecks, and simplify your field operations.

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