Oil and Gas – How Trico Achieved Transformer Maintenance with Fielda’s Smart Approach

Trico, a prominent player in lubrication management solutions, overcame operational and business challenges in the Oil and Gas sector by adopting Fielda’s smart approach. By integrating Fielda’s they established standardized inspection templates, streamlined data collection, harnessed analytics for proactive maintenance, and improved communication. This led to precise data collection, swift issue resolution, and optimized maintenance planning. With Fielda’s support, Trico achieved enhanced safety, extended support structure longevity, and comprehensive documentation of maintenance activities. The partnership yielded efficient transformer maintenance and improved reliability, showcasing the power of Fielda’s transformative solutions.

Client: Trico
Industry: Oil & Gas
Country: USA

How Minco Gas Achieved Operational Progress Using Fielda’s Digital Forms

Discover how Minco Gas, a prominent Canadian gas utility provider, transformed its operational landscape by digitizing processes with Fielda’s smart solutions. Minco used digital forms to optimize resource allocation, streamline data capture, and boost field team productivity while overcoming obstacles like reliance on paper forms and complex asset tracking. With enhanced asset management and real-time insights, Minco Gas achieved remarkable operational efficiency and accuracy, paving the way for a seamless energy delivery experience.

Client: Minco
Industry: Energy
Country: Canada