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Fielda's Software for Telecom Management

With 5G rollouts, increased demand for network services, optimizing investments ensuring seamless migration to the latest technologies, the Telecom industry is in the midst of a significant transformation. Fielda can help you to meet these goals. Fielda’s no-code app allows regular tracking of assets, simplifies workflow management, and improves technician enablement.

App with No-code for Telecom data collection

Fielda can provide mobile tools that help technicians meet the demands for increased internet access and speed. Every aspect of Installation, Upgrade, Repair, and Inspection of network infrastructure can be captured (online or offline) and integrated with internal systems. Whether these assets are on a pole or in the ground Fielda can help decrease project delays and increase real-time insights into roll-out and upgrade progress.

You can choose the pre-built forms from the repository or build your own forms without using any code.

Ensure zero unplanned downtime with Telecom Management Software

Fielda allows you to capture real-time asset data such as location, service history, and other parameters, ensuring that your asset is available and minimizes downtime.

Minimize Compliance Risk with Telecom Management App

With Fielda you can customize your forms extensively to ensure that you comply with existing and upcoming regulations, reducing all your compliance risks.

Fiber Optic Cable Inspection

Conduct comprehensive Fiber optic cable inspections spanning elements like Mechanical, Visual, Geometrical, Material, and Environmental. Measure the Optical parameters such as modal dispersion, bandwidth, chromatic dispersion, attenuation rate, and uniformity…

Case Study

Field Activity Management for an Telecom

The field services resources had to follow heavy paperwork with printouts of excel sheets as they inspected systems. In addition, compliance with regulatory requirements was becoming a challenge.