A dielectric withstands test is a non-destructive method of testing a component’s insulation quality. It helps spot weaknesses and flaws in insulation and enables technicians to enhance the device’s safety accordingly. Here we will cover some critical aspects of the Dielectric Test:

  • What does Dielectric Test generally involve?
  • Why are these tests necessary for electrical components?
  • How can Fielda enhance the ease and efficiency of conducting Dielectric tests?

What Dielectric Tests include

Dielectric tests are also called ‘hi-pot tests’ and help testers identify the breakdown voltage at spots in the component which may be weaker than others. This is done by applying a higher-than-usual voltage to the element so that flaws and current leaks can be spotted. Technicians note down details of the component and type, model number, manufacturer details, etc. They also add the humidity level at the time of the test and note the test readings of leakage in microamps and the test outcome, whether the component passes or fails the test.  

What makes the Dielectric Test so vital for components:

 Dielectric tests reveal weak spots in the equipment or components being tested. They show where the material and insulation are inadequate and potential electrical leaks can occur. This leakage can pose severe risks to component handlers and staff. By logging in detailed leakage readings, technicians can clear the component or fail it in the safety test to fix the defects.   

How Fielda simplifies Dielectric Tests: 

The readings from Dielectric tests are crucial to ensure the safety and usability of a component. Errors, lost readings, gaps in data entry, etc., can occur in manual paper-based checklists. Fielda eliminates the possibilities of these errors and ensures complete data accuracy and reliability through its custom digital checklists. Technicians can enter data in just a few clicks and instantly consolidate information for review and operational decisions.   

Collect: Leverage Fielda’s custom digital checklists for rapid and reliable dielectric tests   

Consolidate: Integrate all test data into meaningful reports for quality management decisions and operational hygiene

Share: Use Fielda’s custom workflow features to share information with relevant teams and stakeholders for improved collaboration

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