The primary need for a utility pole inspection checklist is to assess the pole condition accurately and consistently. The pole inspector will physically inspect the pole for structural damages caused by natural calamities or unnatural disasters and gathers information. Also, this checklist will serve as a document proof to overcome any legal troubles.

The inspector may use numerous devices (like measuring thickness etc.) to assist the process. However, gathering the data and making it available for the future remains the key.

Can frequent utility pole inspections improve its life?

With the average life of the pole being around 40-50 years, frequent pole assessment and addressing the damage at the beginning can improve its life.

Why use a utility pole inspection checklist app?

  • It’s easier to record data when compared to paper.

  • Option to capture pictures.

  • Real-time data sharing within the team.

  • The maintenance team knows which spare part is worn out and can carry relevant spares.

  • Timestamp & Location coordinates act a proof of document.

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