Electrical companies manage complex assets and infrastructure across large geographical areas. Assets span equipment from electricity generation hubs, several nodes where power is stepped up or down, and the endpoints for distribution to customers. Like any utility business, rigorous and regular electrical inspections are the backbone of operations, helping managers effectively monitor business performance. Let’s review some important factors concerning Electrical Inspection Checklist.

  • During Electrical inspections, what are some of the typical items included?
  • Why are these inspections so crucial to companies?
  • How does Fielda enhance and ease the efficiency of electrical inspections? 

Typical items inspections include: Inspectors conduct detailed assessments of complete field infrastructure. These include in-depth checklists to evaluate equipment conditions, highlight compliance issues, and trigger maintenance and repairs requests. In addition, inspectors cover power generation facilities that supply the raw power at the source and substations that help manage power levels for consumption. They include a review of transformers, meters, utility poles, power cables, and numerous parts and components on these assets. 

Electrical inspection is so critical: Electrical Inspection Checklist assist in the proper functioning of equipment and the supply and distribution network. Defects, damage, and malfunctions can cause loss of productivity, disruption of supply to customers, and an increase in maintenance costs. Another reason electrical inspections are vital is that the risk of accidents and fires can seriously impact safety. Finally, by keeping an on regulatory requirements, these inspections also help companies always remain compliant.  

How does Fielda improve electrical inspections: In electrical inspections, with the diverse types of assets involved, field data gathering requires flexibility of data quantity, data type, and data capture formats. Fielda offers inspectors the complete freedom to edit forms, checklists, and data field specifications for relevant and accurate data capture. In addition, all information collected in safety is stored on the cloud in real-time and can easily be consolidated into a single format report, enabling speed, efficiency, and convenience.  

Enhance Data Gathering: Leverage custom data collection and workflows, a completely digital process, and offline data capture for streamlined electrical inspections 

Consolidate and Collaborate: Share relevant silo information with specific stakeholders to handle assigned tasks and review status updates across teams

Master Metrics: Gain daily insights into operations through up-to-date reports and analytics

Electrical inspection checklist help ensure the proper functioning of equipment and the supply and distribution network. 


About Fielda: Fielda helps companies manage and maintain their assets and gain real-time oversight of all tasks, workflows, and projects to improve operational efficiency, enhance team productivity and impact the bottom line. Whether it’s installations, inspections, repairs, replacement of parts, servicing and maintenance, or routine audits, with Fielda’s mobile data collection, GIS-enabled technology, automated and custom workflows, and analytics, you can eliminate errors, enhance response time, ease workflow bottlenecks, and simplify your field operations.

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