Choose the right Field Service Management solution
for your business.

Field Service Management helps Organizations to manage their Field Service Operations effectively, improve the productivity of Field Service teams, increase the longevity of the assets and improve the customer experience. To ensure this meets all these goals, a good FSM solution allows regular tracking of assets, technician dispatch for maintenance, repair and survey feedback against field service cases. Fielda allows organizations to perform and track field operations end to end.


Need for mobility solutions to gain real-time visibility into field operations and Increasing adoption of cloud-based field service management solutions has significantly altered this landscape over the last few years.The development in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Industrial Automation is enabling remote assessments, predicting issues and proactive field service support for issues that are expected to occur. The ability to use drones for assessment and collection of data today has further increased the diagnostic capabilities of Field Service Organizations.

What does Field Services Management of tomorrow look like?

With recent trends, here is what we believe an FSM should include

  • Mobile First Approach : Gone are the days of Field Service Inspectors and Technicians working their way through paper print outs of their job. There are more than 100 different cloud solution providers that provide a mobile based solution for Field Service Management.
  • Conversational AI : There is no doubt that Employee Satisfaction leads to better Customer Experience. Making the Field Service Engineer’s job easier by allowing Inspectors to dictate the observations and Engineers to close tickets with their voice commands will be an expectation
  • Maps to identify Assets : Locating the assets on a map within the product is an expectation that FSM providers cannot ignore any longer.
  • Image Analytics : With more usage of drones and images from FSE’s cameras, the opportunity to leverage Image Analytics and offer recommendations around the assets that need to be acted upon.
  • Integration with other systems : Field Service Management today has to integrate with Ticketing system used by the contact center, Inventory Management system, Billing Management System and other systems used by the Enterprise to ensure a comprehensive view and therefore enable better customer experience.
  • IoT Connectivity : With the increase in low cost sensors and machine to machine communication, Field Service teams will look to leverage data from assets for monitoring allowing direct dispatch of Field Service technicians based on this data.
  • Data Insights : Capturing and providing insights from the structured and unstructured data that the Engineers, Drones and Inspectors provide, will be immensely valuable for improved operational efficiency.

Fielda makes it simple for Organizations to get started on this journey to get a best in class Field Service experience.