New age asset and resource management for Oil and Gas Industries. Use the most advanced Asset and Resource management solution to discover what really happens at each point inside your distribution network. Instantly identify changing conditions and their root causes. Keep track of operator actions and its effects immediately.

Our role in enriching the gas industry.

Covid -19 has led to a decline in energy demand, trade and economic headwinds further reduce the demand for energy. The clout for alternative energy sources has grown strong and Oil Investors are looking for increased operations efficiency to remain competitive. Both for Oil fields and gas industries asset and resource management challenges affects the bottom line. Combating this not only requires automation of the field services but it requires a smart automation solution that mobile first and is specifically designed with intuitive workflows to improve productivity and increase profits.

Fielda helps to bring operational efficiency and success leveraging mobile for field service, and asset management. Fielda offers a minimum of 5X savings and sets Gas Distribution providers on the verge of automating Field Service Management. Seamless flow of real time information between back office and field engineers is the crux of Fielda.

Case Study.


A Natural Gas Utility Co-op

Set up to serve the rural community between Vegreville and Vermilion with natural gas

Pain Points.

The field services resources had to follow heavy paperwork with print outs of excel sheets as they inspected systems. In addition, compliance to regulatory requirements was becoming a challenge.

Customer Requirements.

  • Go completely cloud based to abode paperwork.
  • Manage inspections, validation and maintenance of their assets like valves, pipelines and tap stations online.
  • Improve communication between Supervisors, inspectors and Technicians on the go with real time data and insights.
  • Monitor and track various issues like storm assessment, leakage, exposed lines or replacements, efficiently and handle those service requests.

Fielda Solutions.

Fielda helped the Minco Gas Field Services team to eliminate paperwork, increase productivity of the resources, reduce the repairs that were needed because of proactive inspection recommendations, comply with local regulations and more importantly provide a real time view of the reliability of the systems. The Solution included

  • End to end asset management system
  • Custom forms to collect detailed information, and generate insightful reports to make quicker decisions and run maintenance effectively.
  • iPhones and iPads to easily identify and update the status of issues real time.
  • The platform also leveraged geospatial maps, automated workflows and GIS to help them reach the service locations.



RoI based on Savings that Fielda offered


Reduction in time taken to solve service requests


Increase in operational efficiency

Completely avoided paperwork with real time insights

Radically increased Customer Satisfaction

What our customers say about Fielda.

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