Brand Announcement

June 28, 2019

GISbiz, Inc. is excited to announce Fielda (formerly GeoOrganizer) as our new and simplified brand! Fielda is ready for download from Apple's App Store, and GeoDASH logins now have a new web address:

What does this mean for you?

  • Fielda is only slightly different from GeoFIT. We have a new logo, a better login experience, and new features in the pipeline, but GeoFIT and Fielda are otherwise identical.
  • Please continue to use GeoFIT and GeoDASH until our support works with your IT to make the transition. It's a simple process, and your data will not be affected. GeoFIT will stay on your existing devices for as long as needed, and Fielda will not replace GeoFIT on your device until you are ready.

Questions or suggestions? Contact us at or