Incident Reporting

Categories: Electric, Water|

Electric utility companies are obligated to report incidents immediately when they occur. These reports help the respective government departments [...]

Fluoride Water Test

Categories: Water|

As part of water supply operations, water sampling, testing, and treatment are vital processes to be conducted regularly. This [...]

Hydstra Inspection

Categories: Water|

Hydstra is a non-relational database and water data management platform that helps water companies query and control data, mainly [...]

Water level Inspections

Categories: Water|

Readings may be taken at different water sources such as wells, boreholes, reservoirs, observation pipes, and reservoirs, as well [...]

KWD Meter

Categories: Water|

KWD Meters used in rural water supply require careful inventory control. Therefore, it is vital to monitor the devices [...]

Well Inspections

Categories: Apps, Water|

Wells enable property owners to access high-quality water from the underground supply. They require proper maintenance and inspections at [...]

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