5G technology offers numerous benefits like lower latency, higher speeds, increased bandwidth to handle more data, and the ability to have multiple simultaneous connections. However, telecom providers require a 5G installation and maintenance checklist to help them gain and maintain an edge in a highly competitive market. On this page, we will discuss some critical elements of 5G infrastructure  testing:

  • What do inspectors check during typical 5G installation and maintenance tests?
  • Why are these tests business-critical to telecom players?
  • How does Fielda improve the efficiency of 5G installation and maintenance tests?

What do these tests include: 5G installation and maintenance tests help telecom providers suitably upgrade and manage their network infrastructure with 5G cell site construction and wired / wireless equipment installation. These tests include fiber inspections and tests, cable and antenna analysis, connector tests, antenna alignment, coax and sweep tests, and more. In addition, inspectors may sometimes assess connectors or end-faces with fiber microscopes. Finally, maintenance checks often include physical layer fiber troubleshooting, RF tests like real-time spectrum analysis, and Cable and Antenna system analysis.

What makes 5G installation and maintenance tests business-critical: 5G is a growing market. It requires that telecom players have a clear blueprint for the rapid upgrade of their infrastructure and processes. This testing is vital to enable a reliable stream of field data informing teams about the viability of new installations and the costs involved to overcome specific challenges. It also allows existing network operators to ensure timely upkeep and maintenance so that signal strength is provided, service is offered uninterrupted, and all wired and wireless components are performing optimally. 

Fielda’s 5G installation and maintenance test checklists: With several complex equipment types, large geographical regions involved, and numerous types of tests used, there must be the accurate tracking of assets, upgrade status, testing status, and necessary remediation tasks. Fielda streamlines this entire process by making it easy to list, assign and organize tests, track their progress and review the reports. Inspectors can digitize the whole set of instructions for the various technical tests being conducted without a cumbersome physical checklist being carried by testing staff. It also eliminates the need for endless mail trails and disparate communication threads, enabling complete data gathering in customizable digital forms. 

Trace: Monitor 5G installation and maintenance test completion, reports, and follow-through action items from the convenience of your mobile device

Track: Enable silo information sharing across teams to ensure timely information and updates for progress reviews

Transform: Reduce costs by using test data to address potential and existing gaps in infrastructure for optimum performance


About Fielda: Fielda helps companies manage and maintain their assets and gain real-time oversight of all tasks, workflows, and projects to improve operational efficiency, enhance team productivity and impact the bottom line. Whether it’s installations, inspections, repairs, replacement of parts, servicing and maintenance, or routine audits, with Fielda’s mobile data collection, GIS-enabled technology, automated and custom workflows, and analytics, you can eliminate errors, enhance response time, ease workflow bottlenecks, and simplify your field operations.

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