Across industrial work sites, job contractors must follow specific protocols to ensure their work is executed in a safe environment and following prescribed safety norms. For instance, oil and gas industries have high-risk implications, and companies must ensure these guidelines are tracked through a pre-job safety checklist. Here we will cover a few critical points about contractor pre-job safety checklists.

  • What are some vital elements in a contractor pre-job safety checklist?
  • What makes these checklists so crucial for companies to enable safe working conditions?
  • How does Fielda help team leads and contractors work together to implement these checklists with ease?

Vital elements in a contractor pre-job safety checklist

While specific job-related risks vary, typical contractor pre-job safety checklists include several common points that help manage job risks effectively. Contractors must ensure they have completed job-related orientation and have a clear training guidelines on OSHA regulations to be followed. They must understand and detail the risks of the specific job and job site and be aware of the safety procedures that govern the particular job. They must also ensure they are trained in using the tools and equipment required for the job and conduct a proper job safety audit. They are also expected to know how to identify and report safety anomalies on the site, access first aid, and respond during an emergency. The contractor pre-job safety checklist, acts as a reference to check readiness and awareness on all these points and many more depending on the specific job-related risks.    

Why are contractor pre-job safety checklists essential? 

The management and operational teams must implement these checklists to ensure safe working conditions, trained staff on the job, and proper risk assessment and management protocols. Failure to provide this violates safety regulations and can result in companies being fined or facing penalties for non-compliance. More importantly, these checklists help reduce risk, increase the safety of workers, and ensure reduced downtime. A safe working environment also improves productivity and helps companies enhance worker morale. 

How Fielda helps companies implement contractor pre-job safety checklists:

Pre-job safety checklists can include comprehensive and dynamic data. They also need to be reviewed by different members of the operations teams. Fielda helps teams configure these digital checklists according to their unique requirements, complete the forms in just a few clicks and easily share data between team members. All the data gathered is available for review and sign-off by supervisors in real time, making the process fast and seamless. Over a period, data can be consolidated to review patterns and identify areas for improvement of safety protocols.  

Pre-empt: Spot risks in advance and increase job safety with digital contractor pre-job safety checklists.

Optimize: Review the status of job safety readiness, and make improvements to processes and training based on analytics and reports.

Consolidate: Increase collaboration and improve teamwork with Fielda’s custom workflow and data-sharing features.

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