Environmental agencies need a platform to ensure that businesses, factories, and municipal activities follow all necessary regulations. In addition, for the environmental compliance inspections team to conduct investigations effectively, they need to prepare, organize, and maintain inspection records.

Today, Environmental inspectors are doing away with paper-based data capturing and lean on specialized software to record and write reports. They may also use sensors and other devices to gather data integrated into their data collection software in the field.

Also, an environmental inspection checklist can capture all quantitative evidence, the nature of code violations, and actions. Based on the data captured, they can issue written notices on breaches. However, you need not wait until a compliance inspections team can inspect your environment. Using this self-evaluation checklist, you could capture all the relevant data to determine if they meet all requirements.

There are different types of environmental compliance inspections that the agencies undertake:

  • Air Pollution

  • Solid and Hazardous Waste inspections

  • Wastewater Management

  • Spills Prevention & Response

  • Emergency Planning and Communication

How does an ‘Environmental Compliance Inspections Checklist’ app benefit you?

  • Prepare, organize, and maintain inspection records

  • Investigate complaints and suspected violations

  • Digital data capture is easier

  • Real-time data capturing & sharing with the team

  • Capture photographic evidence of an incident/violation

How can Fielda help Environmental Agencies?

  • Prepare, organize, and maintain inspection records digitally

  • GIS Maps to map accurately & more securely

  • Device-independent solution (App available on iOS & Android)

  • Timestamp & Location coordinates as proof of document.

  • Real-time data collection & reporting

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