The primary need for a powerline inspections checklist is to oversee the safe building and maintenance of electric power lines, distribution, and transmission across the country.

Trees or artificial structures built close to the powerlines can also threaten human life. In addition, without frequent powerline inspections and or maintenance of the powerline infrastructure, the maintenance workers and the public are at the risk of electrocution.

There are different types of inspections which electric utility companies undertake:

  • Facilities inspections

  • Drive-by inspections

  • Detailed Inspections

  • Powerline / Pole Inspections


Does a frequent powerline inspection improve its life?

With the average life of the powerline being around 40-50 years, frequent power pole inspection and addressing the damage at the beginning can improve its life.

How does a Powerline inspections checklist app benefit you?

  • Digital data capture is easier

  • Real-time data capturing & sharing with the team

  • Capture respective powerline inspection information

  • The service team can assess the condition of the assets via picture

  • Timestamp & Location coordinates as proof of document

  • For drive-by inspections, the recording feature on the app serves as a proof of record


How can Fielda help Electric Utilities?

  • Extensive experience with Electric Utilities (power generation, transmission, and distribution)

  • GIS Maps to map your assets accurately & more securely

  • Device-independent solution (App available on iOS & Android)

  • Real-time data collection & reporting features

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