Pole inspections and maintenance are always a big challenge for many electric and telecom companies. Usually, this job is outsourced to a subcontractor & they audit every pole with a rating across multiple categories.

You can broadly classify the pole inspections into routine and non-routine. Routine or regular pole inspections and maintenance can prevent accidents. Using Fielda, you can track the condition of any poles (concrete or wood). In addition, a pole inspector can locate problem areas and fix them before they become hazardous.

While there are many aspects to investigate, the pole inspection checklist should consist of — but not be limited to

  • Rusting

  • Dents

  • Loosening of attachments

  • Noise or humming in the pole

  • Structural Integrity of the pole


Various devices for detecting decay and defects are available, but they all have limitations to some degree. A non-routine inspection happens only when the pole is damaged due to a natural or an unnatural disaster.

How do a Pole inspections checklist app benefit you?

  • Digital data capture is easier

  • Real-time data capturing & sharing with the team

  • Capture respective powerline inspection information

  • The service team can assess the condition of the assets via picture

  • Timestamp & Location coordinates as proof of document

  • For drive-by inspections, the recording feature on the app serves as a proof of record


How can Fielda help you?

  • GIS Maps to map your assets accurately & more securely

  • Device-independent solution (App available on iOS & Android)

  • Real-time data collection

  • Reporting

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