CT (Current Transformer) Meters are used where electricity connections generate more than 100 Amps. They measure a small fraction of the power flowing through the link and use a multiplier to show the reading. CT meters are usually installed in large residential complexes, hospitals, commercial buildings, and industrial establishments. Inspections of these meters are vital to ensure safety and economy. On this page, we’ll talk about key elements in CT Meter Inspection Checklist:

  • What are the items usually covered in a CT Meter Inspection? 
  • Why is CT Meter Inspections necessary regularly?
  • How does Fielda make these inspections more convenient for inspectors and organizations? 

Elements of CT Meter Inspection: Inspectors routinely examine the CT Meter area for hygiene factors like safety, availability of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, etc. They check aspects like the correct size of the CT meter panel, the CT chamber padlock or seal, and the correct distance between the CT chamber and meter panel. They also examine the technical items, including if wiring stripped to the correct length and mains cables are correctly shielded with metallic shrouding, details of potential fuses rating, right wiring in place, and if voltage and loads are measured precisely. 

Why CT Meter Inspection are necessary: By monitoring the current output, CT meters help ensure that workers are safe and current levels are within the acceptable range. CT meters also help save money for organizations. However, if they are not accurately reading the flow of power, it is likely excess current is utilized and, over a period, this causes substantial financial loss. Therefore, regular inspections are needed to ensure they are working correctly, and this can help companies manage power supply better and ensure regulatory compliance.

How Fielda improves CT Meter Inspections: With Fielda, inspectors can design simple checklists, forms, and menus for accurate field data capture. All data can be easily logged onto their mobile device or tablet in easy clicks making inspections fast and highly convenient. In addition, red flags can be raised in real-time, giving service and maintenance teams adequate notice for remedial action. And consolidated data from CT meter inspection and other data collected enable operations leaders to make informed business decisions. 

Inspect: Collect up-to-date field data during inspections through intuitive forms and with supporting photo, video, and document evidence   

Inform: Share silo information with operational stakeholders so only relevant information is available to specific individuals and teams.

Leverage: Use real-time data for rapid responses and complete operational oversight  


About Fielda: Fielda helps companies manage and maintain their assets and gain real-time oversight of all tasks, workflows, and projects to improve operational efficiency, enhance team productivity and impact the bottom line. Whether it’s installations, inspections, repairs, replacement of parts, servicing and maintenance, or routine audits, with Fielda’s mobile data collection, GIS-enabled technology, automated and custom workflows, and analytics, you can eliminate errors, enhance response time, ease workflow bottlenecks, and simplify your field operations.

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